Cheer up, you're worse than you think... but God is better than you imagine!

Welcome to the online home of Resurrection Orthodox Presbyterian Church! We are a congregation of Bible-believing Christians, proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and worshiping God in State College & Centre County, Pennsylvania.

As Christians who love the Reformation, we believe the purpose of life is to glorify and enjoy God. As a Reformed Church, we exist as a church to do these things together. We gather each week for biblical preaching, historic worship, and serious joy. You are invited to join us!

Other religions share at least four common concerns with Christianity: a quest for God, answers to the problem with humanity, the desire for salvation, and a hunger to know the meaning of life. Facing these questions, various world religions give different answers. But no matter how they define terms such as God, sin, or salvation, they are all agreed that salvation is something we must do. In other religions, success depends on our effort. Every other religion teaches its devotees to live a certain way in the hope of earning acceptance.

Christianity proclaims a better way. We are all much worse than we think, but God is far better than we imagine. All our efforts at self-deliverance are doomed. But there is good news! In the person and work of his Son, God has already done everything necessary to save us. By his life, death, and resurrection, Jesus secured forgiveness of sins and eternal life for all who desire it. He offers new life – his own resurrection life – to all people. All we have to do is trust him as our true King and only Savior.

What is the "Orthodox Presbyterian Church"? Perhaps you may have heard each of the pieces before: Church, Presbyterian – even Orthodox. But what do we mean by putting them together? Though there is a detailed history behind the name, the meaning is simple: honesty and consistency. An ‘orthodox’ person is someone who tries to live a life that honestly reflects the principles they believe. The Orthodox Presbyterian Church tries to live consistently with the principles of Presbyterian Christianity.

For more details on what this means for us at Resurrection OPC, click what we believe. For more information on the history of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, click here.

Other Important Questions to ask:

Resurrection OPC is a mission church of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, and a daughter congregation of Westminster OPC in Hollidaysburg, PA.